From your social mission to boosting your intrapreneurship, cultural diversity, and innovation spirit. DELITELABS provides an easy-to-implement, expertise-based approach to contribute to the integration and inclusion of newcomers.
Our program enables newcomers to add value to your company by using their expertise for the greater good and advancing your diversity goals.

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Members of the Business Community who want to make a positive impact are key players in our approach. We have several tracks to offer and are looking forward to shaping yours:

  1. Business Program: For example, your organization offers newcomers to follow the Hero Program. Independently or teaming up with your employees for a win-win exchange.

  2. Boost your intrapreneurship, cultural diversity, and innovation spirit: unlock your entrepreneurial spirit and make the key concepts and methods linked to designing thinking and lean start-up methodology accessible to your team

  3. Your custom-designed program: Our goal is to ensure these custom-made end to end programs are co-created with your needs front and centre in a design thinking approach.





Coordinated from London, delivered in Paris, Hamburg, and Rotterdam our ICE Academy program offers participants part-time customer-facing employment with (partners of) Ben & Jerry’s and part-time entrepreneurship training to explore the path of entrepreneurship in a 4 months summer program.

The ICE Academy program offers both a paid part-time summer job and weekly business workshops with a dedicated mentor. Are you a newcomer to The Netherlands and are you interested in starting your business, apply now!

During the program, the participants of the ICE Academy learn about:

Finding a viable business idea that is marketable in the Dutch business market

Conduct research to see where the idea fits within the existing market

Conduct surveys and interviews with real customers

Create a prototype of the product or the service

Test it within the community and get feedback to re-iterate

Learn about the best ways of marketing and branding

Pitching their business idea in front of a great audience. 

Key takeaways

Ready a viable business concept prepared and tested during the business training

Mentoring with business professionals and one-on-one business coaching

Work experience at Dutch business environment

Growing business community to tap into

Personal development: 

  • Confidence

  • Improved self-representation

  • Presentation

  • Proactivity

  • Autonomy

Apart from the technical business knowledge, ICE Academy gives the participants a chance to socialize and be inspired by their peers, participate in each other’s learning and get access to DELITELABS’ growing business community.

To learn more about the ICE Academy 2022 taking place in Rotterdam, please apply now.

“I wanted to know the Dutch way of doing business and thanks to ICE Academy I saw it more intensely”

Emrullah Kaya

ICE Academy 2019

eBAY Support Program

Stay tuned, coming up. Offered by the eBay Foundation, a support program is being organized which will benefit both our entrepreneur community and E-bay employees, with the goal to develop innovative business ideas.