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DELITELABS is all about doing

Would you like to create the job you love, by learning how to develop, test, and explore your own business idea? Join one of our DELITELABS entrepreneurship programs. 

We believe you can read books and learn concepts by yourself. But in contrast, DELITELABS is all about doing. Knowing happens the best by trying and failing and trying again. During our intense training programs, we make top-notch business methodologies accessible to you, in order to enrich your toolbox and experience with experts and peers.

All our programs are free of charge for participants and funded by our partners.

Stories Of Our Entrepreneurs


Learn more about aspiring entrepreneurs' business ideas and how to connect with them!


List of Participants

ICE Academy




“The personal mentors were amazing. I got two venture capitalists (VCs) as mentors, so it was very intimidating at first because I had never sat down with a VC. I always thought they were from another universe. I’m a technical person and they are business people. But, I started to slowly understand what they are searching for and how to speak their language.”


Mohammed Marzouq

ICE Academy 2022

Alexandra Nikitenko.jpg


“Through Delitelabs, I start to see opportunities for how I can open my enterprise and business, not as a Ukrainian who escaped from the war. I think it’s normal that people want to take responsibility and open their own business and I’m happy that Delitelabs provides such an opportunity. The program shows how to start, how to think differently, and how to develop your design thinking at the same time.”

Alexandra Nikitenko

ICE Academy 2022

“I really liked the community, trainers, and coaches. They were really close people to me and the atmosphere was so open and understanding”.

Wessam Matouk

Incubation Program


“I was hooked by the way of teaching, all the information that I got, all the

knowledge….It was a new world in a way. Not the whole new thing but new in the context of the Netherlands, how things are done here”.

Adel Albaghdadi

Pre-incubation Program 2016


“Delitelabs helped us in terms of simplifying business concepts while making all these in a fun way. They taught us the most important concepts like key elements of creating a business from the scratch all within three months”.


Ice Academy



“If you really want to change or build something, then the Delitelabs Pre-incubator program has all the tools and opportunities for you to do that. If you put the work in, then you’ll get a lot out of it.”

Aiva Eiduka

ICE Academy 2021


"I figured out that I really like creating products. It’s something I enjoy doing, so I’m thinking about working more in that area. I’m always thinking about new ideas"

Mimouna Toutouh

ICE Academy


The most important thing for me is that it has opened my eyes to where my true passions lie and motivated me to start taking every day deliberate steps towards turning that passion into a viable action”

Olga Muhwati

ICE Academy





eBay Support Program

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