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We believe we are successful when participants after completing our training either start their own business, find a job they love, or start education that matches their true potential.
Our tailor-made municipality training programs are based on the hero program and are fully designed to be embedded in the regional ecosystem and developed in close collaboration with the main local stakeholders, like regional organizations for self-employment. 




Are you interested in exploring your municipality program based on our experience? We’re happy to consult on the approach and possibilities to develop a program fitting your regional needs and context. We always work together with a local implementation partner, client managers, and a local mentoring network aiming for long-lasting network relationships for our aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Please feel free to request an unconditional meeting and explore. 




STAR/T and Twente Program

STAR/T is an initiative of the University of Twente and Mindt, in collaboration with the ROZ Group, and DELITELABS. In Twente 14 collaborating municipalities are offering a recurrent entrepreneurship program for newcomers as an alternative route out of welfare.


Participants are developing an entrepreneurial mindset and learning entrepreneurial skills that are helpful in starting up their businesses and creating an independent life. The ambition of STAR-T is more than starting businesses, it is striving toward an inclusive start-up ecosystem.

Zwolle Program

We have been asked to share the experience of STAR/T Twente and present the collaborative STAR/T concept to the wider region of Zwolle. The regional representatives embraced the concept and together with a local partner, we are developing a program for the Zwolle region.


Together with municipalities and key partners, we adapt the program to fit the Zwolle context and the needs of municipalities. We offer an intensive entrepreneurship training program, offering newcomers the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship as an alternative route and mindset to move out of welfare into a self-sustaining career.


Coaching and mentoring are offered by local pro bono professionals, which allow our entrepreneurs to create long-term relationships and support in the regional business community.


For more program information please contact us

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