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DELITELABS's Learning Journey has been designed to take a combination of top-notch training content and experiential learning activities making them accessible and actionable for our diverse learning community.

 It’s important to note that “success” for an aspiring entrepreneur who has participated in our programs, can mean one of two outcomes.

- The first is obvious. Success would be one of our participants experiencing an incredible journey of self-discovery, leveraging design thinking frameworks to identify market opportunities, and applying LEAN principles to assess market viability to start a business.


- Interestingly, the second version of success would be in fact discovering that starting a business isn’t for them. That said, they would have developed a strong set of entrepreneurship skills, enhanced their professional confidence, and boosted their employability, ultimately helping them find a job and/or further education to expand their true professional potential.


Success for DELITELABS means supporting and guiding individuals in discovering their untapped potential no matter whether it leads to starting a business, finding a job, or continuing their education.

"We build entrepreneurs that can navigate the new economic environment, rather than writing a plan for a single business idea."

We use a mix of DELITELABS's internal trainers and advisors and combine it with a large number of (pro bono) experts from local business communities.
Typically we offer an intense 3 months program, 1 or 2 days a week in English or Dutch.

All programs are free of charge for aspiring entrepreneurs and funded by partner organizations, municipalities, and grants.

“DELITELABS helped me to make new memories for the first time in years. I thought the old me does not exist anymore, but here I discovered that the old, funny me is still alive. The new old me wants to start a business in The Netherlands.”

- Participant Amsterdam 6

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