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What we teach is entrepreneurship and what we create is independence


DELITELABS is all about doing. We offer newcomers to the Netherlands the opportunity to experience and learn about entrepreneurship as a means and an end


Our primary didactic method is experiential learning (learning by doing). The program is based on

  • Design Thinking

  • Lean Startup Methodology

  • Leadership Development

  • Personal Effectiveness


Municipalities face the challenge of guiding newcomers towards a new independent life. Entrepreneurship can be an alternative route for newcomers to move out of welfare into a self-sustaining career.

DELITELABS municipality programs provide not only proven and well-tested entrepreneurial training, but also a supportive community system, which facilitates the transition into the local business world and network.


14 collaborating municipalities offering a recurrent entrepreneurship program for newcomers as an alternative route out of welfare.


Entrepreneurship as a means and an end for newcomers involving municipalities in the Zwolle region.


From your social mission to boosting your intrapreneurship, cultural diversity, and innovation spirit. DELITELABS provides an easy-to-implement, expertise-based approach to contribute to the integration and inclusion of newcomers.

Our program enables newcomers to add value to your company by using their expertise for the greater good and advancing your diversity goals.

UP Collective

In collaboration with Ben & Jerry’s, we offer a recurrent European-wide entrepreneurship and employment program.

eBay Support Program 

Offered in collaboration with the eBay Foundation, for our aspiring entrepreneurs and eBay employees, with the goal to develop innovative business ideas.


To capitalize on the experience, network, and expertise we deeply believe in collaboration. From funders, corporate partners, the EU MAGNET network, the European ICE Academy to local partners in our municipality program, we always are looking for smart ways of working together, using what is already there and not reinventing the wheel ourselves. Interested, let’s work together!


We often work together with our partner start-up schools for newcomers in London and Berlin. Currently exploring the formalization of these partnerships in an alliance. Stay tuned, more information will follow soon.


European Union’s COSME program MAGNET: Migrant Acceleration for Growth – Network for Entrepreneurship Training.


Project VOORwerk is a collaboration between COA, UAF, and IOM and has asked DELITELABS to train their trainers on entrepreneurship, empowering the trainers to capitalize on the (un)expressed aspiration of newcomers towards entrepreneurship. 

Partner Organizations
Banner Launching_StartIn.png

With the support of Visa Foundation, Delitelabs has partnered with SINGA, TERN, and Odyssea to boost incubation programs in 12 cities across Europe via an ecosystem called StartIN.

This collaboration will enable us to collectively elevate more than 600 newcomer entrepreneurs in 2022, in 7 countries and 12 cities

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