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Migrant Entrepreneurship Academy, Berlin

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

This January, the MAGNET consortium had the pleasure to co-facilitate the second face-to-face module of the Migrant Entrepreneurship Academy (MEA). This “train-the-trainer-programme” provides trainers and consultants with an in-depth understanding of migrant entrepreneurship support and concrete tools to effectively work in this field. As such, it is the first of its kind in Europe!

About the Program

The program is a vital part of the broader EU-funded project MAGNET. From 29th to 31st January, SINGA Business Lab Berlin was a generous home to MEA, hosting more than 20 international students, who have come to Berlin for three days of intense working sessions. As the program has entered its second half, this was also a great opportunity to talk to the students and hear their impressions.

Offered as an accredited two semesters long study program at the Danube University Krems, MEA is a great example of a well curated blended learning approach, where complementary offline and face-to-face teachings sessions provide the students with a comprehensive insight into migrant entrepreneurship.

“Online assignments are pretty interesting, because they sort of have an academic aspect to them, and for me that’s discipline, which is good. And then I come and implement some elements of what I’ve done online in face-to-face courses” says Fatma, a student from the UK.

Amsterdam based Andressa adds that,

“during the face-to-face meetings we can learn from the experience of others and build connections”.

Peter from Austria highlights the human centric approach:

“The most interesting part so far was the human centric design program. I have no idea about this method and it was really fascinating to hear about it. First of all it’s really good to support my clients with this method, but it also helps me in my personal life I would say.”

He wraps up the interview by saying: “I can recommend this program to anyone who is working in this field, because you learn a lot of practical skills, and also you have an academic approach.”

If you are interested in working in the field of migrant entrepreneurship, follow Peter’s recommendation! Go ahead and check the application process!

To learn about MAGNET, co-funded by European Union’s COSME Programme.

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